The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 2)

As mentioned by some of the critics of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, many were saying that the part 2 of this series was deemed prickly. Yes, part 1 of the series is a bit titillating as it shows more of what London escorts are, but many were disappointed with its second season. In the second seasoned, it shows how the world of prostitution in London has swallowed her. It showed its effects on her life.

Hannah or Belle is no cheap escort London you can find anywhere. In the first season, it was shown how Hannah is trying to balance her life between the 2 personalities of Hannah the girl next door and Belle who is a seductive siren at night. In season 2, you’ll get to see the melding of these two personalities that will make viewers think whether it will do her good or not.

In the second season, Belle turned into an independent contractor is set to get all her hard earned cash on her own. She is now set to avoid being contracted with lowlifes and never let any percentage of her earnings go to any pimp. Though how much she wanted to get all her earnings on her own, anyone knows that going independent will result to a slow work. Not working under any label made Belle have episode of neurosis and at times mistaken identity. In this new season, she entered the world of having sex without getting paid.
There were major twists and turns in this season. She met a new man, Alex, who became her boyfriend. She also met Bambi who was aspiring to be the best prostitute next to Belle but has taken her into trouble in trying too much to be one.
Summing up this season, any critic would say that it has lost its overall seductive quality like what many loved from the first series. Though it was still deemed watchable, there are many who would say that it was not pretty much like the first series.

For some, the say that it lost its flair and even doubt that the storyline can actually change from what it went through the second season. There were many disappointments with this new season but are still hoping for a better season 3. The season ends with Hannah’s voice promising to get a new adventure for the following year, which many expects on the next season.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 1)

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a TV series starring Billie Piper as Hannah, a high-class escort girl who shares this secret life she has as an escort other than being a typical university student. It is a highly acclaimed TV series that has shown what a life of an escort really is and how Hannah sees her job.
The entire first season of the series was more on the collection of secrets of an escort about how Hannah shares her experiences about her profession, and she is able to talk everything about her life with her friend Ben, who is the only person aware of her secret job. Hannah and Ben have this typical friendship where they argue and then make up after they get to talk things out.
Some may expect that it is the typical porn series shown on TV but watching this first series, you’ll get to know that the series show how escorts think about their job and what they actually think whenever they spend time with their clients. Also, this is not the usual documentary kind of series about the life of an escort. It is a light and fluffy sex themed series that is both comedic and dramatic at some point. Just like what other critics are saying, it provides a story that is easier to swallow than other same-themed shows. The drama between Hannah and Ben is enough to give it a sense of balance with everything that is happening.
Though the story is generally focusing on how Hannah is balancing her normal life and her secret profession, you’ll get to realize that the storyline is not really its driving force. A critic was saying that you can even watch the episodes of the first series in any order while still making sense. However, in doing this character development may somehow be lost. Anyone can easily feel the attachment with the humorous and delightful story of Hannah and what would make you stick in watching the entire series plus its sex scenes.

Though it gained some criticisms from feminists, many loved how The Secret Diary of a Call Girl need gave a dull moment with its clever camera stills. Watching the series, you’ll get to understand that it doesn’t tackle the usual client-escort scenarios. You’ll get to see Hannah attending a certain orgy with invite-only setting, riding her client with the saddle, dallying with an S&M, and even being a part of a foursome with her friend, Ben.

The scenes may vary from a sexy one to an absolutely funny scene. However, everything is included in the plot like not choosing a cyclist for a quickie as his stamina may exceed your allotted service time. Summing up, the first season is an impressive start for the series.